Under Water Solenoid Valve

Under Water Solenoid Valve
  • Under Water Solenoid Valve
  • Under Water Solenoid Valve
  • Under Water Solenoid Valve

China SLDF 2/2 Way Under Water Solenoid Valve Manufacturer Ningbo Hewcho Valve Co., Ltd

  • Product No.: SLDF Normal Closed
  • Pressure: 0-6Bar
  • Pipe Size: 1/2"-2"
  • Medium temperature: 0-60℃
  • Mode of action: Direct Acting
  • Medium: Water


Two Position Two Way Under Water Solenoid Valve-Waterproof

Body Material: Brass, Stainless Steel
Pressure: 0-6Bar
Pipe Size: 1/2"-2"
Medium: Water
Medium temperature: 0-60℃
Mode of Acting: Direct Acting
Sealing Material: NBR, VITON
Type: Normal Closed
Operation Fluid Visosity: 20CST

Waterproof solenoid valve for swimming pool SLDF under water solenoid valve.
SLDF series of solenoid valve is kind of direct-acting electromagnetic valve, which uses medium pressure difference. It adopts diaphragm structure and has the characteristics of quick opening and closing, stable performance, convenient use, high reliability, long life and so on. 
SLDF series solenoid valve provides on- off control of fluid media on auto-control system. This series is designed for music fountain and dancing fountain. SLDF series is direct acting solenoid valve which utilize pressure differential to open the valve. They feature diaphragm construction, and together with rapid on-off, stabile capability, easy use, and long-Iffe. This valve has strong dirty-tight, can be used long time in river lake sea and kinds of made water areas.
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